"As owner and licensed esthetician, I've witnessed the transformative power of tallow in skincare. Embracing its natural brilliance, my company stands at the forefront of a beauty revolution, crafting products that marry science with nature. With a passion for radiant skin and a commitment to excellence, I believe in the timeless effectiveness of tallow, empowering individuals to embrace their beauty with confidence without toxic chemicals."

- Rachel Arnett, Founder and Owner.

  • About Us:

    The "Farm to Table" concept, renowned for its promotion of healthy eating, serves as the inspiration for our innovative approach to skincare. In alignment with the idea that fresh, organic foods contribute to our internal well-being, we have introduced the transformative concept of "Farm to Skin" to enhance our external wellness. Acknowledging the skin as the body's largest organ, we advocate for extending the "Farm to Table" philosophy to our skincare regimen.

    As a licensed Esthetician with over a decade in the industry, I've had my own battle with hormonal, cystic acne. My enthusiasm for tallow skincare comes from its proven effectiveness. Despite trying various prescriptions and topicals during countless visits to dermatology offices, my acne kept coming back. The breakthrough came when I discovered tallow, prompting a game-changing shift in my moisturizing routine. Just four weeks into incorporating tallow into my acne care routine, my complexion underwent an impressive transformation, becoming clear and revitalized. I knew I had to create this product for everyone. - Rachel Arnett, The Owner and Founder.

  • Pricing

    Navigating the trial-and-error process of trying different products can be not only challenging but also costly. At Tarheal Tallow, we're all about accessibility, offering high end products at prices that won't break the bank. Our dedication to making wellness accessible is evident in our continuous efforts to keep our prices competitive. Thanks to strategic partnerships with local farmers, collaborations with small businesses, and the efficiency of our facilities, we're able to maintain reasonable pricing. We express gratitude for choosing Tarheal Tallow, where your skin's healing journey is our priority.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to create a transformative healing experience for your skin through the provision of high-quality, non-toxic products. We aim to empower confidence in your skincare routine. At Tarheal Tallow, we understand the financial challenges in skincare, and we are dedicated to delivering superior products at competitive prices. We firmly believe that effective skincare should be accessible without the burden of high costs for products that offer no results. Your skincare concerns are our top priority, and our commitment is to achieve optimal results. We value your trust in our products as we strive to renew your confidence in your skin.

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